Maintaining an organized and comprehensive document management system to quickly access, manage, and archive your documents is vital to success in today's workplace. Like our lockbox solution, our document imaging solution is customized to fit your exact business needs regardless of the size and number of documents you maintain.

Immediate Document Management Benefits

  • Lower operational expenses
  • Improved document workflow
  • Unlimited volume and quick turnaround
  • No extra costs for document destruction (shredding services)
  • No paper files
  • Highly organized system
  • No extra costs for storage of files
  • No direct management of information needed

Three Service Levels

  1. Deep Storage for documents with online retrieval for easy access
  2. Active Document Archive for frequently accessed and shared documents
  3. Workflow Document Processing for integrated information capture and daily processing

Service Enhancements

  • Indexing services
  • File and data conversion
  • File and data storage
  • Data recovery
  • OCR services
  • Consulting
  • Patient and health information security compliance
  • RetailWEB

RetailWEB - Secure Online Image Based Processing

RetailWEB is not just a great feature for lockbox customers - it offers tremendous benefits as a standalone document management tool.

  • Increases productivity for customer service centers, billing, and collections organizations
  • Improves workflow with fewer lost documents, higher accuracy and productivity
  • Improves control over paper files, manual handling, and associated deterioration
  • Allows simultaneous usage of the same material
  • Gives access to data through multiple locations
  • Long term security in event of fire or water incident

RetailWEB is a web-based, document, imaging, workflow and retrieval system. It has many features including the ability to attach post-it notes, email, fax, save, and edit on the fly. RetailWEB allows a user access to a complete audit trail of each digital record and the ability to view and search images by numerous data fields.

For more information on RetailWEB, click this link.