Retail Lockbox, Inc. drives efficiencies so our customers can focus on the task of providing great services. To drive such efficiencies, everything that comes into the lockbox is processed and converted into a digital image. These images can be used throughout your organization for customer support, payment inquiry, and balancing. We offer full-service digital imaging platforms, archiving capability, and RetailWEB.

RetailWEB - Secure Online Image Based Processing Benefits

  • Increases productivity for customer service centers, billing, and collections organizations
  • Improves workflow with fewer lost documents
  • Improves internal process workflows for higher accuracy and productivity
  • Improves control over paper files, manual handling, and associated deterioration
  • Allows simultaneous usage of the same material
  • Gives access to data through multiple locations
  • Long-term security in event of fire or water incident

RetailWEB is a web-based document imaging, workflow and retrieval system. It has many features including the ability to attach post-it notes, email, fax, save, and edit on the fly. RetailWEB allows a user access to a complete audit trail of each digital record and the ability to view and search images by numerous data fields.

RetailWEB Suspense

Suspense works in conjunction with RetailWEB to allow your staff to quickly identify and process items that would have previously been considered exceptions, unpostable, or unprocessable. These types of items are processed in what we call "suspense mode," meaning not all the data required to post to the account is available but the funds are still deposited.

We provide an image of the transaction on RetailWEB and allow your staff to login and populate the missing data on a data entry screen the next day. Once resolved by your staff, the updated data will be automatically captured and inserted into the next daily posting file and the correct data will then be associated with those items within RetailWEB.

A complete audit trail is supplied through RetailWEB Suspense. It is an optional service that can be added at any time if desired. This process significantly reduces unprocessables, which ensures additional cash flow in less time and eliminates the cost of returns.

Suspense with Delayed Deposit

Retail Lockbox, Inc. offers Suspense with Delayed Deposit. Like standard Suspense, items received without any posting information are prepped for and presented on RetailWEB for updates made by the client the day after receipt. With Delayed Deposit, the deposit and posting file details are held until the client updates the information.