Software as a Service is a solution designed around organizations who process remittance internally. We've learned performing in-house lockbox processing requires coordinated resources across a number of organizational departments, and we've seen businesses invest significant time implementing processes, purchasing software, training employees, and allocating funds to maintain it all.

Our goal is to reduce the strain on your FTEs and other departmental resources through our Software as a Service remittance processing model, allowing you to invest in your business instead of continually expending time and money to maintain your processing software.

How does it work?

With our Software as a Service (SaaS) payment processing model, Retail Lockbox, Inc. hosts and maintains the remittance processing software. Your business would continue to receive the mail and process it, but the work would be performed on our cloud-based platform instead of a locally installed system.

Importantly, Software as a Service requires significantly less upfront investment when compared to independently purchasing and installing remittance processing software.

  • Reduce IT resources for maintaining costly remittance systems
  • Automatically receive software upgrades at no additional cost
  • Low cost of entry and low risk

Software as a Service is a versatile software delivery platform for businesses of all sizes!