Scan. Submit. Deposit!

Using a small desktop check item scanner, you can scan and archive digital images of checks in a few short hours instead of days. The advantages of Remote Deposit Capture combine to form a perfect in-house remittance processing solution for many organizations.

  • Regain control over your remittance process
  • Quick, easy, automated process - reduce FTE resources needed for deposits
  • Timing - reduce mail float. Have a check? Scan it in seconds!

Check Scanners from Canon

Retail Lockbox, Inc. is a Canon Authorized Dealer. We offer a full assortment of Canon check scanners. With a wide range of uses, dynamic and reliable performance, precision image quality, and efficient design, Canon check scanners are perfect for your Remote Deposit Capture solution.

Scalability - Remote Deposit Capture is a solution ideal for both the largest multi-region organizations and the smallest communities and businesses. This automated electronic check processing solution simplifies the remittance process by providing automated check and payment handling both quickly and effortlessly. Your organization can have one scanner or dozens, depending on size, demand, and your unique needs. Importantly, the easy-to-use system means minimal training is required, further reducing FTE costs and increasing the scalability of the solution.

Location Free - have a number of dispersed locations collecting checks for a centralized lockbox processor? No problem. Place a scanner at each location and electronically send check data for deposit, regardless of location.

Pictured: Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i II Check Transport

Pictured: Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i II Check Transport

The steps are as follows:

  1. Login to our secure website
  2. Drop your checks into the scanner we provide
  3. Click scan
  4. Click submit

And you're done!

Once you have scanned and submitted the checks, Retail Lockbox, Inc.:

  1. Processes and deposits the payment
  2. Provides accounts receivable upload files to your accounting system for posting
  3. Provides daily detail and summary deposit reporting
  4. Presents an image archive of payments processed