What is "Wholesale" Lockbox Processing?

Wholesale processing refers to accounts with low payment volumes, high dollar amounts, or payments without an OCR A readable scan-line for high speed processing.

The general processing of these payments is similar to the "retail" environment but is designed to allow for higher customization and more exhaustive, manual work. We understand your payments may require specialized processing due to the unique transactions and documents that are remitted. Our solution, designed to meet your exact specifications, allows your organization to focus on its core business while we capture the needed details and data.

Immediate Benefits of Wholesale Processing

  • Efficient, timely processing
  • Faster funds availability with your accounts receivables
  • Receive payment information more efficiently and quickly
  • Improved customer service
  • We process all of your work as specified - no minimum on volumes processed
  • Customized solution
  • Remittance documents processed per your detailed specifications - we will process anything and everything you want us to
  • Daily posting of all remittance items to your accounts receivable system